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At Motor Vehicle Collision Forensics, collision investigations and reconstructions are what we do

Physical evidence is the backbone of any collision reconstruction

Determining speeds of vehicles in a particular area may be of value in certain instances.

Bicycle and motorcycle collisions require a different approach to an investigation

Crashed Car

About MVC Forensics

At Motor Vehicle Collision Forensics, collision investigations and reconstructions are what we do. Clients are provided with a clear and forensically sound investigation based on scientific principles, backed by physical evidence and appropriate research. With many years of experience, applicable research, state of the art software and continual ongoing training, our expertise in the field of collision reconstruction allows us to provide clients with the causative factors behind a collision.

Mr. Brown has been involved in the field of collision investigation for the past 45 years and has specialized in collision reconstruction for the past 32 years, 17 years of which as a member of the Ontario Provincial Police. During that time, he had held the positions of the Lead Collision Reconstructionist for the East and North East Regions of Ontario as well as the Unit Commander for the North East Region Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. As such he was responsible for personally investigating collisions as well as the supervision, support and technical investigative aspects involving all types of motor vehicle collisions while attending at over 3,000 collision scenes. He has personally reconstructed and assisted in the reconstruction of more than 800 collisions. He is active in litigation support for both criminal and civil litigation and he maintains continuing education within this specialized field by consistently lecturing and attending educational courses, conferences and seminars attaining more than of 3,800 hours of collision specific training.

Mr. Brown is also accredited with the Accreditation Committee for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, (ACTAR).

Driver Crash

Example Services

Just some of the services MVC Forensics provides

Off Road Vehicles

Motorized snow vehicles and ATV’s present special challenges due to their design and the conditions that they are driven in. Mr. Brown has been personally involved in the investigation of and the testing of motorized snow vehicles and ATV’s.    

Commercial Motor Vehicles

Commercial vehicle collisions garner a great deal of attention when involved in a collision due to the sheer size and damage that usually results. The commercial vehicle’s geometry, many being articulated, and braking systems although they may in some cases be similar to a car, are more complex and do not necessarily work the same way and to the same degree. Physical evidence and electronic data control modules can greatly assist in the investigation of these types of collisions.  

Vehicle Damage Evaluation

Vehicle damage can say a great deal about how a collision occurred and why a vehicle and its occupants moved the way they did post collision. Seating positions of the occupants and analysis of restraint systems usage in most cases can be identified. The speed / energy in order to cause crush damage to a vehicle may also be able to be determined.

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