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Traffic Lights


Physical Evidence Identification and Application.

Vehicle Speed Analysis

Vehicle Damage Assessment

Motorcycle and Bicycle Collisions

Pedestrian Collisions

Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions

Event Data Recorders – PCM and ECM Analysis

CAD - 3D and 2D drawings with Animation and Simulation

Forensics Video Analysis

Video and Photography

Site Examination – Measurements, Visibility, Line of Sight – Inside and outside of the vehicle

Human Factor Analysis

Radar Surveys

Private Investigation.

On Fire

Physical Evidence – Identification, Interpretation and Application

Physical evidence is the backbone of any collision reconstruction. It comes from one thing and is there even if there are no witnesses, and it never forgets. Most people see marks on a roadway after a collision , but what do they really mean? There are many different types of metal marks, debris, and tire marks. They need to be properly documented, understood, and applied to get accurate results. A failure to do so can compromise results.

White Drone

3D Scanning and Drone Footage

With the advent of Drone and 3D laser scene scanning tools, that are now being used by police and other agencies for investigative purposes, it has become extremely important to stay abreast of these technologies. At MVC Forensics we have state of the art software, Virtual Crash, and training to effectively utilize this information.

The ortho mosaics produced from a drone and the 3D point cloud imaging of 3D laser scanners, can be used in either 2D or 3D imagery. They can also be used as still imagery or in a 2D or a 3D simulation environment. Tools are also available to ensure that the information being used is correct and factual.

In the case of a motor vehicle collision, vehicle speeds, positions, traffic signals and driver or pedestrian perception and reaction may be identified for both collision causation and collision avoidance.

Black Motorcycle

Motorcycles / Bicycles

Bicycle and motorcycle collisions require a different approach to an investigation due to their particular design  because they are articulated, and unlike most other vehicles are highly dependent on the rider’s ability. Vehicle geometry affects the rider’s ability to take a corner and stop effectively. Braking systems, which are an important source of information regarding vehicle handling and collision avoidance, are changing from disc and drum systems. ABS, Link, and Integrated systems all affect braking and collision avoidance possibilities.

Mr. Brown has ridden motorcycles for many years and is a trained motorcycle rider, having taken several safety motorcycle riding courses and was a motorcycle officer for the Ontario Provincial Police. He has also taken advanced motorcycle collision reconstruction courses and seminars, designed and delivered an ACTAR approved motorcycle reconstruction course including testing and has authored several articles regarding motorcycling.

Human Factors

All collisions have a human element to it. A hazard needs to be seen and identified as something to be avoided for the process of perception and reaction to begin. Drivers have expectations as to what to expect when on the roadway due to their experience. When expectancies are violated normal perception and reaction times for them may be altered. At MVC Forensics we have experience in the testing, investigation of and the most up to date research tools to identify probable perception and reaction times to an event. This allows for proper vehicle placement with respect to speed, time, and distance analyses for collision avoidance potential.

Film Reels

Forensic Video Analysis:

Video is the most prolific source of evidence available to police and others today, yet it is often technically challenging and is frequently misinterpreted when handled incorrectly.

Video systems such as dashcams, surveillance cameras and cell phones are not always accurate as to timing. This can cause inaccurate results and lead to unintended consequences if not interrogated properly. Proprietary players are often inaccurate and can be misleading. We use state of the art forensic software, Input Ace, for the interrogation of such digital files. Mr. Brown has received certification as an Operator and Examiner using the Input Ace software.

Additional Services


Provide expert testimony as an expert in the field of collision reconstruction.  Provincial and Superior court jurisdiction in Ontario and in Provincial court in Quebec

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle’s geometry, many being articulated, and braking systems although they may in some cases be similar to a car, are more complex

Event Data Recorders

Evaluate information related to brake activation, steering, acceleration, restraint system usage, stability control and much more in seconds or portions of seconds

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